Know the size of Folders using Folder Size For Windows  

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Don't we just love Windows with all it's glorious shortcomings. Some of the features that should have been built into windows were conveniently left out.  But that has proven to be a blessing in disguise. This lack of features has helped developer make utilities to make up for the shortcomings with just the right options to suit your taste. One of the feature I (like many of you) miss is the ability of Windows Explorer to show size of the folders. What stopped MS to include this wonderful little feature is beyond my comprehension. Any ways, I will tell you about this small freeware utility called Folder Size for Windows.

Folder Size for Windows can show file as well as folder size (oh, really!!). So lets start downloading it from here. With just 224 KB in size, it is a very helpful little utility. After you have downloaded Folder Size for Windows, install it.

To be able to see Folder size you need to open Windows Explorer in Details View as shown below.

details view

Now Right click on the column headers to see a list of columns you can add.

get column to add

Choose Folder Size  and de-select Size.

choose folder size


Now you will have Folder Size installed and working for you. Make this the default view for all folders. Go to Folder Options from the Tools menu. In the View tab, click Apply to All Folders.

 folder size installed


To change the options for Folder Size for windows, go to Control Panel and click Folder Size to get options page for Folder Size.

Following image shows the options page to make changes so that Folder Size For Windows shows sizes the way you want it.

foldersize display properties


Here you can choose to Start/Stop or Pause the Folder Size service.

foldersize service properties


This is the guy who made this wonderful utility.

about folder size

Thanks Brian, you made my life a little easier.

{ Download Folder Size 2.4 32-bit }

{ Download Folder Size 2.4 64-bit }

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Download YouTube Videos  

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Do you visit YouTube often and wish you could download the videos? Have you been looking for a YouTube downloader or already using one?
Well most of us have Downloader managers and most downloader managers have a feature to download videos from YouTube. Today I will tell you about a way to download YouTube videos if you do not have any download manager.

For this to work you must have Java installed in your machine. You can download it here.

Now for the fun part. Go to YouTube and click the video you want to watch/download. Then once the URL of video appears in the address bar, copy the url. For example I want to download Incredible India Video (

Now just add kiss before youtube. the final url would look something like


Scroll down and click the download button to download the file.


You will get get_video file. You can rename the file to any thing you like. For above example you can rename the file as, you guessed it, Incredible India. Don't forget to add the extenssion .flv to the name to play it locally. So now the file will become Incredible India.flv. Use you FLV player to play the file.

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IrfanView - The best Graphic Viewer  

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Got a lot of images? Still viewing them in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer? Or are you using Picasa (a photo manager & editor) or Gimp, Photoshop (these are Editors). A good graphics viewer should be light weight, fast and be able to let us flip, zoom, save to other formats and then some more. Enter IrfanView, the Most-in-one graphic viewer.


Apart from being a feature packed, lightweight viewer; it is FREE ( for non commercial use).

Let me highlight some of the feature this beauty has for everyone to use.

Interface:-A very intuitive and simple interface with almost no learning curve. In fact for most of the daily tasks like Zoom in/out, Next/Previous image, information about image, flip, rotate etc, you will start performing immediately.

Supported file formats:- The amount of files supported by IrfanView is huge. In fact  the site has a page dedicated to the supported file formats. Though for some formats to be viewed; you need to have plugins installed.

Batch Convert:- Have a lot of image files and want to convert them from one format to other. Or want to rename your image files. Or want to do both. Then the batch convert feature will do the job for you and save you the time.

Batch Convert

Paint Images:- Reminds you of MS Paint. Does not have many features but helps in doing basic jobs like making circles, squares and making notations.

Image manipulation:- You can rotate, flip, custom rotate, resize/resample, convert to grayscale, apply effects such as Negative, emboss,  3D button, blur and many more.

Red eye reduction:- It has this oft required feature, which reduces/eliminates the red eye, found many times in photographs. Just select the red eye area and click red eye reduction to remove those scary red eyes from the images.


Screen Capture:- Don't you hate print screen when you just need to capture just a window. Well, didn't I say this is Most-In-One application. You can simple press C (hotkey), select the options and when you are ready press ctrl+F11 and it will capture you screen or window.

With so many features and tools, this one freeware is a must have for everyone. And for most the features you have keyboard shortcuts which makes your work a little faster to accomplish.

What are you waiting for?

{ Download IrfanView }

{ Download IrfanView Plugins }

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Make changes in Aspire (a blogger theme) to show correct Date  

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First of all I would like to thank InfoCreek for providing their lovely theme- Aspire.

A better solution is described in HERE.

Now for all those who are using this theme with blogger and facing problem with date not showing. I also was faced with this problem but I liked this theme so much that I decided to make changes myself. After about just ten minutes I was able to fix the problem and the theme is now working perfectly. What changes did I make?

Well, first let's see what parts of the theme are affected by this "Date Malfunction".

If you have followed all the instructions then your post should look something like this.


Above is the heading of the post you would get when you follow all the instruction. But a small problem remains. If you scroll to the end of the post you will see that instead of the line

"This entry was posted on Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 8:20 PM ." You see the following line.


aspire005 Now if you select Time Format as shown above then you will be get "This entry was posted on Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 8:20 PM ." but a new problem arises. If you change the Timestamp Format as shown above your post's heading will start looking like one of the images shown below.

aspire009 OR aspire4 .

Both these case do not make very good impression on the visitor. So it seems that we are in catch 22 position. Since I know a little bit of css, javascript and other things, I decided to make changes myself so that this theme works perfectly. Now let's change the things.

A word of CAUTION:- First backup your theme and make changes only if you are comfortable doing it. If something goes wrong Don't Blame me. (Any ay you have the backup).

  1. Go to Layout -> Edit HTML
  2. Click Expand Widget Templates.
  3. Find <script type='text/javascript'>document.write(date_dd);</script>
  4. Now just above the code paste the following code.

    <script type='text/javascript'> var Jdatestamp = &quot;<data:post.dateHeader/>&quot;; if (Jdatestamp != &#39;&#39;) { var Jdatestampsplit = Jdatestamp.split(&quot;,&quot;,2); var JTempDateSplit = Jdatestampsplit[1].split(&quot; &quot;); var Jdate_dd = JTempDateSplit[2]; var Jdate_mmm = JTempDateSplit[1]; } </script> <script type='text/javascript'>document.write(Jdate_dd);</script> <div class='month'><script type='text/javascript'>document.write(Jdate_mmm);</script>

  5. Delete the lines
    <script type='text/javascript'>document.write(date_dd);</script> <div class='month'><script type='text/javascript'>document.write(date_mmm);</script>
  6. This was the Original Script (click to see bigger image)original script

  7. Script after changes (click to see bigger image)

    changed script
  8. Now change the settings of the Time format as shown in the image below. aspire005
  9. Save your settings and preview your blog. Everything should work out fine. The settings should look something as shown below.

final settings

If you find difficulty in following the tutorial or if the problem with date still persist then leave a comment and I will try to resolve the problem.

Once again, BACKUP your template before making any changes.

Please don't forget to leave comments if I was of any help.

{ Download Aspire }

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Chinese - A geek's favorite language  

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Do I need to say more?

chinese for geeks

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ToolTips hides behind Taskbar  

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Tooltip appear when mouse cursor in hovered on to an item without clicking it. It is a very effective solution to provide helpful tips. But Windows has a bug where the tooltip hides behind the taskbar.

tooltip0005  tooltip0006

This bug had been there since Windows® 95 and has survived till Vista. This makes it the longest surviving bug, and Microsoft® only acknowledged it after the release of Windows® XP SP2. Their way to solve this is to Logout and Re-Login to the account or Reboot (What else !).

But now I have found a utility that can be simply be run whenever this problem occurs.


{Download ToolTipFixer}

It does not patches or permanently fixes it but at least you don't have to Logout-Login OR reboot your PC. Saves a lot of time for those who really want their tooltips to show correctly. Thanks to BikeMike who used AutoHotKey to create this.


For those who are a little enthusiastic do the following to create your own fixer:-

  1. Download AutoHotKey and Install.
  2. Now goto Start=>Programs=>AutoHotKey=>AutoScriptWriter
  3. Copy & Paste the following code given below.
  4. Then save this code (shown below).
  5. Now again Open Start=>Programs=>AutoHotKey=>Convert .ahk to .exe
  6. Now choose your .ahk file you saved earlier and convert to exe file.

Source code... Thanks to BikeMike

Menu,Tray,Add,Fix ToolTips,Fix
Menu,Tray,Default,Fix ToolTips
Menu,Tray,Tip,Fix the ToolTips so they display on top

WinSet,AlwaysOnTop,Off,ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
WinSet,AlwaysOnTop,On,ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd
TrayTip,,I fixed it :-)


{ Download ToolTipFixer }

{ Download AutoHotKey }

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CCleaner - Remove that junk  

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You have been browsing Internet and your browser is silently storing pages on your hard disk (called Cache). Your browser is also storing a text file known as cookie which is used by most of the sites to give their user an enhanced user experience. Your browser stores all the information of all the sites you have visited, files you have downloaded. You open documents and Windows creates a list of all the documents you have opened recently. I delete the files that I do not need, but always forget to click "Empty Recycle Bin". Windows saves the commands you give in "Run". Not to forget all the junk files Windows creates on a daily basis. Now that can take up some space on your hard disk. And try cleaning all these files manually.

CCleaner is here for your rescue. It is a system optimization and privacy tool. It can delete almost all the junk files your OS so lovingly stores , and frees up that all used up hard disk space. Download, Install and run CCleaner. You will be presented with the following screen with "Cleaner" option selected.


Here you have two tabs, Windows and Applications. You can set the options on what CCleaner should be cleaning from your hard disk using these two tabs. I like to keep the default settings, just to be on the safer side.

Clicking on the Registry menu will bring you a screen which can be used to find any issues in your registry and fix the same if you want to.

Tools section is where you can uninstall your Programs.

CCleaner is the kind of utility that every computer user must have on their computer and the best part ------ It's Freeware.

{ Download CCleaner }

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PeerGuardian2 - Premier IP Blocker for Windows  

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A new movie has been released and you fire up you favorite BitTorrent client to download it. Have you ever thought that some law enforcing agencies can actually get your IP addresses when you connect to their BitTorrent client. Sometimes fake torrents are there on the net just to get the IP address of the downloader, by those fighting piracy. I am the believer that piracy is bad but so is snooping around as to what you are doing without your consent.

To save you from this constant fear some very good people at Phoenix Lab have created a very simple tool that can block all the IP Addresses which are known to belong to Government agencies/sites, sites fighting piracy or any such site that your P2P application should not contact.

You would be able to download through your BitTorrent Client with a little less worry after the installation of this beautiful piece of software. Download it from here and install it.

Start PG2 and go to "Settings" tab.

PG2 Setting screen

Here you can set the log settings, Colors, and how PG2 would notify you incase you make a connection to a Blocked site. Clicking on the "Next" button will take you to another setting screen. Here you can set options like Startup, Updates  and how to show PG2 screen etc.


Though PeerGuardian2 can block a lot of unwanted IP Addresses, it can not block all of them as it needs a database of IP addresses that should be blocked. It has got a built-in Update feature which will not only update the software to a newer version (whenever available) but will also update the lists of IP Addresses to be blocked. One of the feature of PG2 is that you can create and manage your own BLOCK or ALLOW list.

You can read more about PeerGuardian2 at their site HERE

{ Download PeerGuardian 2 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 }

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CryptLoad - Download from Rapidshare  

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You have dynamic IP Address, that is, whenever you reconnect to Internet, you will have a new IP Address. You have plans to download a lot of files from Rapidshare. But you don't have a Premium Account, which means that you have to wait for some amount of time before your download can begin. Earlier you had to put Captcha code to start download, but now Rapidshare has removed captcha and have replaced it with speed limit. Though the waiting time remains. How you wish you had something that could do the downloading job for you. You could just paste the links and go to bed, knowing that your downloads would be completed. Look no further.

CryptLoad has come to the rescue. This software does make downloading of files from RapidShare as if you had a Premium Account. The only restriction is that you won't be having Resume facility or blazing fast speed (as they have capped the speed for Free Users). 

Download and install CryptLoad and go to options.


First of all you have to go to options and choose the model of your router so that CryptLoad can Re-Connect your router to renew your IP Address (Only if you have dynamic IP address). And for all those you have Static IP address, tough luck.


After completing all the settings you can start using CryptLoad. All you have to do is copy the rapidshare links and CryptLoad will automatically start the downloading process. Once one files is downloaded, CryptLoad will disconnect and reconnect your router to get a new IP Address and it will start downloading a new file.

If your router is not listed in the dropdown menu, you can create your own Router Reconnect Script. All you have to do is go to CLR page of CryptLoad and follow the instructions.

{ Download CryptLoad }

{ Router Reconnect Script }

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Will start resuming posting from tomorrow  

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Hi All, After almost a month of juggling between Hospital, home and work, I am back. It has been a very hectic time as my father was admitted to hospital and I was required to be there with him. So couldn't find the time. You see, I am not a Multi-Tasker (tusker). Now he has recovered and I am back to writing my Mind (heart is for poets).

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