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Add Reactions Widget to Aspire

I received a comment from Daniel (a visitor on my blog) , on how to enable Reactions on your blog post. The procedure is simple if you are using default template (why would you want to use default template when there are so many beautiful templates floating around). But We are using one of the best template – Aspire. So we are going to make it even better….. let’s get our hands dirty, or as dirty as they can get by typing on keyboard….. First go to Dashboard > Layout > Page Elements . Now click   Edit on Blog Posts . A new window will open. Now check the box in front of Reactions: This is just the first step, now save your changes and go to Layout > Edit HTML . Warning: Make sure to make a backup of your template BEFORE making any changes. Now find < data : post.body />   And just below it add the following code   <!-- /* *****************Add Reactions ********************* */ --> < span class = &#

Happy Women’s Day

Wishing 50% of this world’s population a Very Happy Women’s day. “A woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty.” - Rudyard Kipling Tomorrow I will post a way to add “Reactions” widget to Aspire theme. Hope it will be helpful to you all.