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Tweak your Aspire – Template images gone

Aspire is one of the most appealing blogger templates I have encountered. It was developed by Infocreek which unfortunately is now no more. Though it can still be downloaded at BTemplates . Though the template works, but the image files need to correctly show template in it’s full glory are missing. And the culprit is the original image hosting site where the files related to Aspire template were stored. There are 30 gif/jpg files that make up this beautiful template. All these files were stored on , but now it is not available. So let’s get to work and save our beautiful template. This is how the site looks without those 30 files This is how it should look The basic idea is to host all these 30 image files to a site that does not go down in a hurry and then link these up in our template. What better way to host these images on one of Google’s own site called Google Sites . Now since you have google account (You are using blogger…Right:),