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How To Add The Blogger "Read More"

As you might have noticed, I have posted after a long time. It’s been too hot in Delhi and laziness is my second nature… (Yeah! ask my dad). The heat just increased my laziness and gave me another reason to give a pass to my “postings”. Today, I received a mail by one of my readers as to she can add “Read More” for her posts which were rather long. This mail was reason enough for me to write this post. This is one of my favorite hacks. It makes your blog’s pages a little easier to read and on slower connections, a little faster to load. If your posts are longer; then this hack presents a way to write summary of the post and then let’s the readers decide whether they want to view that particular post or not. Also the reader is spared the “ordeal” to scroll through your longish post to reach to the next post. Without further delay, let’s start working.   Backup your blog’s template before making any changes. Now go to your blog’s Layout => Edit HTML. Click “Expand