Know the size of Folders using Folder Size For Windows

Don't we just love Windows with all it's glorious shortcomings. Some of the features that should have been built into windows were conveniently left out.  But that has proven to be a blessing in disguise. This lack of features has helped developer make utilities to make up for the shortcomings with just the right options to suit your taste. One of the feature I (like many of you) miss is the ability of Windows Explorer to show size of the folders. What stopped MS to include this wonderful little feature is beyond my comprehension. Any ways, I will tell you about this small freeware utility called Folder Size for Windows.

Folder Size for Windows can show file as well as folder size (oh, really!!). So lets start downloading it from here. With just 224 KB in size, it is a very helpful little utility. After you have downloaded Folder Size for Windows, install it.

To be able to see Folder size you need to open Windows Explorer in Details View as shown below.

details view

Now Right click on the column headers to see a list of columns you can add.

get column to add

Choose Folder Size  and de-select Size.

choose folder size


Now you will have Folder Size installed and working for you. Make this the default view for all folders. Go to Folder Options from the Tools menu. In the View tab, click Apply to All Folders.

 folder size installed


To change the options for Folder Size for windows, go to Control Panel and click Folder Size to get options page for Folder Size.

Following image shows the options page to make changes so that Folder Size For Windows shows sizes the way you want it.

foldersize display properties


Here you can choose to Start/Stop or Pause the Folder Size service.

foldersize service properties


This is the guy who made this wonderful utility.

about folder size

Thanks Brian, you made my life a little easier.

{ Download Folder Size 2.4 32-bit }

{ Download Folder Size 2.4 64-bit }


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