View Vimeo Videos or other sites blocked in India

Last month many of you must have typed in your favourite browser to view videos of your choice. But as soon as you clicked the play button, nothing happened.
The same thing happened to me and I wondered whether my Airtel broadband was working or not. After searching a little bit I was able to find out the reason for Vimeo’s videos were not playing. An Indian court order made sure that any site hosting copyrighted material illegally has to be blocked by Indian ISPs.
So in compliance with the court’s order, our law-abiding ISPs promptly blocked these websites. But not every video on these sites are infringement of copyright law. Anyway, let’s try and find a way to not only play Vimeo videos but also access other blocked sites.
The easiest way is to download  and use freeware UltraSurfto browse your favourite sites. You can download it from HERE. Once downloaded, simply unzip the file and run the exe file. Once the program runs, it will open your default browser (in my case Internet explorer).
Use your default browser to view the blocked sites. As an example, following are two snapshot of Vimeo video. In first image, video does not play even after clicking the play button
In the image below, you can clearly see the video playing or rather, the time bar having moved (showing 00:41)
Using Ultrasurf, you can browse blocked sites by your ISP. Happy Browsing


  1. Very efficient ways to access blocked websites and i lately try to access blocked websites in this way and it was excellent .But now i have another fast way to access blocked websites even you are in India you can unblock all sites.
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