PeerGuardian2 - Premier IP Blocker for Windows

A new movie has been released and you fire up you favorite BitTorrent client to download it. Have you ever thought that some law enforcing agencies can actually get your IP addresses when you connect to their BitTorrent client. Sometimes fake torrents are there on the net just to get the IP address of the downloader, by those fighting piracy. I am the believer that piracy is bad but so is snooping around as to what you are doing without your consent.

To save you from this constant fear some very good people at Phoenix Lab have created a very simple tool that can block all the IP Addresses which are known to belong to Government agencies/sites, sites fighting piracy or any such site that your P2P application should not contact.

You would be able to download through your BitTorrent Client with a little less worry after the installation of this beautiful piece of software. Download it from here and install it.

Start PG2 and go to "Settings" tab.

PG2 Setting screen

Here you can set the log settings, Colors, and how PG2 would notify you incase you make a connection to a Blocked site. Clicking on the "Next" button will take you to another setting screen. Here you can set options like Startup, Updates  and how to show PG2 screen etc.


Though PeerGuardian2 can block a lot of unwanted IP Addresses, it can not block all of them as it needs a database of IP addresses that should be blocked. It has got a built-in Update feature which will not only update the software to a newer version (whenever available) but will also update the lists of IP Addresses to be blocked. One of the feature of PG2 is that you can create and manage your own BLOCK or ALLOW list.

You can read more about PeerGuardian2 at their site HERE

{ Download PeerGuardian 2 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 }


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