CCleaner - Remove that junk

You have been browsing Internet and your browser is silently storing pages on your hard disk (called Cache). Your browser is also storing a text file known as cookie which is used by most of the sites to give their user an enhanced user experience. Your browser stores all the information of all the sites you have visited, files you have downloaded. You open documents and Windows creates a list of all the documents you have opened recently. I delete the files that I do not need, but always forget to click "Empty Recycle Bin". Windows saves the commands you give in "Run". Not to forget all the junk files Windows creates on a daily basis. Now that can take up some space on your hard disk. And try cleaning all these files manually.

CCleaner is here for your rescue. It is a system optimization and privacy tool. It can delete almost all the junk files your OS so lovingly stores , and frees up that all used up hard disk space. Download, Install and run CCleaner. You will be presented with the following screen with "Cleaner" option selected.


Here you have two tabs, Windows and Applications. You can set the options on what CCleaner should be cleaning from your hard disk using these two tabs. I like to keep the default settings, just to be on the safer side.

Clicking on the Registry menu will bring you a screen which can be used to find any issues in your registry and fix the same if you want to.

Tools section is where you can uninstall your Programs.

CCleaner is the kind of utility that every computer user must have on their computer and the best part ------ It's Freeware.

{ Download CCleaner }


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