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You have dynamic IP Address, that is, whenever you reconnect to Internet, you will have a new IP Address. You have plans to download a lot of files from Rapidshare. But you don't have a Premium Account, which means that you have to wait for some amount of time before your download can begin. Earlier you had to put Captcha code to start download, but now Rapidshare has removed captcha and have replaced it with speed limit. Though the waiting time remains. How you wish you had something that could do the downloading job for you. You could just paste the links and go to bed, knowing that your downloads would be completed. Look no further.

CryptLoad has come to the rescue. This software does make downloading of files from RapidShare as if you had a Premium Account. The only restriction is that you won't be having Resume facility or blazing fast speed (as they have capped the speed for Free Users). 

Download and install CryptLoad and go to options.


First of all you have to go to options and choose the model of your router so that CryptLoad can Re-Connect your router to renew your IP Address (Only if you have dynamic IP address). And for all those you have Static IP address, tough luck.


After completing all the settings you can start using CryptLoad. All you have to do is copy the rapidshare links and CryptLoad will automatically start the downloading process. Once one files is downloaded, CryptLoad will disconnect and reconnect your router to get a new IP Address and it will start downloading a new file.

If your router is not listed in the dropdown menu, you can create your own Router Reconnect Script. All you have to do is go to CLR page of CryptLoad and follow the instructions.

{ Download CryptLoad }

{ Router Reconnect Script }


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