Slow Browsing on Nokia Smartphones using WLAN through Dlink 2730 or 2750U Wifi Router

I have earlier posted the on how to configure Dlink 2750U wifi router for Airtel broadband connection. Now after having configured this router and taken care of security settings etc.; when I started using my Nokia 5800 smartphone for browsing, I could feel the slowness of browsing speed. I searched for a solution and finally found one. Here I am going to share the same with you.

So for all those who are experiencing slow browsing with Nokia phones; all they have to do is go to and give login and password (default login/password  is admin/admin)
Now Click on Wireless and then on Advance. Final configuration should be as shown below:-
Final Configuration
That is
  • WMM(Wi-Fi Multimedia): Enabled
  • WMM No Acknowledgement: Enabled
  • WMM APSD: Disabled
Click Apply/Save. Now browsing on your Nokia phone should be fast.
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