How to change Favicon in Blogger

So you have got a blog. You have tweaked it’s appearance the way you wanted it. Now your blog has that stamp of your individuality all over it. Right? Think again.

Your blog stands out in all respect, yet it has the most common Favicon you could lay your hands on. Let’s change this.

What is Favicon?

In simple words… This

 Default Blogger Favicon

And we want to change it to this (at least in my case)  :)

My Favicon


Now lets get down to change this. A favicon is a 16X16 px ico file. You need to have an ico file(*.ico) which will become your favicon. It can be any image file. Open any image file in IrfanView and then resize the image and save it as ico file. If you are short of ideas, you can head over to huge number of favicon collection. 

Now a place to save your favicon online. You can use any online image hosting service or use the Google Sites. Create a site in google sites and then Click on Home as shown.

Click on Home

Then you can upload your ico file to your site

Upload your file

Once uploaded, note down its path. It should be something like this =>

Now go to your blog’s Layout => Edit HTML.

Backup your blog’s template before making any changes.

Now find


and just below it paste the following code

<link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='' rel='icon'/>


Change YOURSITENAME and FAVICON.ico as per your “Site Name” and your favicon file name respectively.

Save the page and view your blog.  Site showing same old Blogger Favicon. Try to reload a few times or Clear the cache of your browser and then reload the page.



  1. I've changed my favicon...
    Thank you very much...

  2. favicon change only in the homepage. Why the individual page of a post is showing the blogger favicon? any way to fix this?

  3. It works for me on all pages. Its the last thing that loads. Dr Allen, make sure your page loaded completely for the favicon to show.


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