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Many of you have must have at one time or other used FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Though Windows® OS has built in command line version of FTP, for most of us it is useless and too cumbersome to keep typing commands. So an FTP client to with Graphical User Interface is what a normal user like me would like to have. There are a lot of FTP clients available and some of them are freeware also. Following two are such freeware FTP clients:-


Though both these FTP Clients are good, My personal favorite is SmartFTP Client. SmartFTP Client is not exactly a freeware, it is Free for Personal and Educational use.


Following screenshot gives you an idea of what to expect when you first start SmartFTP Client. The user interface is very well designed and easy to use. The one thing I like about SmartFTP Client is the fact that it supports Tabs which makes the life a little easier. It has got many features, a list is available HERE






Though a lot of people now have Flash drives, but these are not a very elegant solution to transfer files from on computer to another on a regular basis. Here a FTP server comes to the rescue. And a free one is Icing on the cake. FileZilla has a freeware FTP Server also along with the client.

When you first install the server and run it you are presented with a very basic User interface shown below.




Click on User Icon or Edit => Users menu to create new users. Similarly you can create groups to enforce group level security settings.

FileZilla0002 OR FileZilla0003






Add the Home or Root directory and configure the directory permission to each user or group.



You can configure this FTP Server by clicking on Edit =>Settings. There are a lot of settings to make this server secure and perform according  to your preferences.



{ Download SmartFTP Client }

{ Download FileZilla FTP Client }

{ Download FileZilla FTP Server }


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