FireFox 3 Released

Date - 17 June 2008

Time - 10.30 PM IST (Indian Stretchable Time)

A long wait for my favorite browser and that of millions of others is over. A few days ago I have written about my favorite browser Firefox 2. And I never knew that I will have to again write about a browser which is better than Firefox 2. Yes.... Firefox 3 has been released. I never tested betas or other release candidates as I have always preferred a stable version (Play Safe). So when I downloaded and installed Firefox 3, I was amazed by its speed.

This is the first thing you notice when you start browsing. With loads of new features and security enhancements even diehard Internet Explorer fans would want to switch to Firefox 3.

Some of the features I really liked at first glance (I have used it for just 10 minutes) is "Single Click Bookmark". When you visit a web site, a star is shown on extreme right hand side of the address bar as shown below.




Click on this "Star" and your site will be bookmarked. Now just click to your heart's content and keep bookmarking those sites you always wanted to bookmark (Sounds like some sales pitch).

Another feature is called "Instant Web Site ID". Simply put it will show you the site's Identity overview when it's favicon is clicked.


You can view only those site's information which have a security certificate (the ones which start with https://). But still you have another weapon to kick any scamster's @$$. Feels Good.


If you browse a lot then you search a lot. Though for many of us a Google or Yahoo would do the job. But it is always good to have some more search engines on the list to get more results.  Firefox comes with an "Integrated Web Search" where you can manage your favourite search engines.


Normally you will first go to a search engine's page, then enter the keyword and then get the results. But when search using this "Integrated Web Search", just type in the keywords, select your search engine from the list and click "magnifying glass" to search. So easy and convinient.


And if you want to find some text in the page displayed, press ctrl+F and don't forget to click "Highlight All".


This way whatever you are trying to find on the page will be highlighted, and you can simply scroll whole page to see what you are looking for. How does "Highlight All" helps? Well, you don't have to click "Next" OR " Previous" all the time.


Also I was one of the in 8 million who downloaded it on first day. Want Proof? 



{ Download this wonder called Firefox 3 }


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