Start of a NEW beginning

This is going to be a new beginning. None of you know me. I am a person who love computers, I mean the challenge that XP operating system presents to us mere mortals. I love to damage my brain to make simple things work using this OS and curse those who made this. And No I am not geek enough to switch to Linux. And why should I let go of this Love-Hate relationship with Microsoft's Operating System ;) .

I also like to try lots of software just to see if they are of any help to my rather low productivity levels and help me speed my work. If I would have my way then probably I would want these machines to be controlled simply by Thinking (Yes, I THINK; I think so)

I am not a chatting or E-mail freak. I just like browsing and taking all the good things this weird network of madly rushing electrons through hugely priced equipments, know to all of us as Internet, has to offer. From now on I would be sharing whatever little I know about computers and what Internet has to offer.

In this blog I would try to post Tips and Tricks to make your computer WORK for you, try to share my experience when I bump into a problem and about softwares that can make your life a little bit easier.

Please do comment, even a thank you or !#$%*#%~ will give me a lot of encouragement.

I am an Optimist, I see fertilizer in bullshit.


  1. Thank God for the folks who see challenge where others see frustration. Thank You and good luck for all your endeavors!



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