A tribute to freeware movement - Mozilla

The Best things in life are free.

First of all as a tribute to all the programmers, coders, designers and everyone giving us some really great Freeware, I will start my first post with one of the best Freeware (after Linux)

There are 80% chances that you are reading this blog on a browser called Internet Explorer (By none other than MS) . Though used by many, may I dare to say that it probably is full of compromises. You compromise on security, features, speed and then some more.

So are you satisfied by Internet Explorer. I am not.

And those of you, who are satisfied with Internet Explorer then WAKE UP, there is something called Mozilla Firefox (Yes, It's a browser and rest of the world knows about it). Use it and you will instantly fall in love with it. It's fast, secure, reliable and can be customized using Add-Ons. If you don't like a somewhat plain looking default theme, No Problemo. It is skinable and you can change/add to the appearance and functionality using add-on and they are available at Mozilla's Add-on Web site.


Firefox 2


My personal favorite Add-Ons are

  1. Noia (eXtreme):- is the theme I have been using since I started using Firefox
  2. Tab Mix Plus:- An add-on to manage the behavior of tabs.
  3. NoScript:- This one is a MUST. It can block a lot of malicious scripts that can harm your computer.
  4. SiteAdvisor:- From McAfee stable, to get this you have to go to www.siteadvisor.com and download the free version. (also available for Internet Explorer)

An other product from Mozilla that I use is Thunderbird, an E-Mail client. It is fast, easy to use, customizable views, intelligent spam filters and quick message search. For a consistent look try to find a theme that is available for Firefox and Thunderbird both. As you might already have guessed, I am using Noia for Thunderbird also. For the users of Outlook, you will be able to switch with ease to Thunderbird as its interface shares lots of similarities with Outlook. And just like Firefox you get lots of Add-on to improve your experience.

This makes my first, barely Informative post. Keep coming back for more interesting stuff.

I doubt you would be coming back to read my other posts BUT.....

I am an Optimist, I see fertilizer in bullshit.


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