This blog is my way of of sharing experiences with everyone. And also to learn something new while looking for the “topics to post”.  So to help me post relevant “posts”, I require your help. You can give me your suggestions about this blog and what you would like to see here.


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  1. I figured out the undefined date problem for the Aspire template (for Blogspot) without adding any complicated code. I simply clicked the Settings and the Formatting tab, and changed the Timestamp Format to include the day of the week (e.g., Monday, May 11, 2009). Immediately, the date was displayed on my blog page!

    I also figured out the "no comments" problem for the same template. I simply clicked the Settings and Comments tab, and changed the Comment Form Placement setting to "Pop-up window." It works!

  2. I figured out how to ad images without the green border. I wanted to ad some Victorian scroll to my messages but the green border ruined them.

    I will attempt to describe what I did.

    Go to LAYOUT and click the HTML page. I do not have a copy of what the text looked like before I changed it but it is in the following text, and I believe it is the bold text. It had the green color code which I deleted and changed border:1px to border:0px

    .entry {position:relative; padding:0 0 10px 0; clear:both;}
    .entry img {border:0px ; margin:3px 5px; max-width:603px}

    This does not alter the link to see the images full size. You can see examples on my BLOG

  3. HI,I have two issues with the template,the header discription could not be entered.Second is with archives,when I click archives,it lead to book marks feed.
    Can you help & email me at

    Thanks in advance.


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