Firefox Plugin for Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc.

We all have at some point or other downloaded files from Rapidshare or Megaupload or from many other such sites. Many of them cap the download speed, Use Captcha or waiting period or a combination of these methods. This still makes their service attractive to all those who don’t want to register (pay) thus keeping them “in the running” and also lures people to register (pay) at these sites if they don’t want to encounter these “obstacles”.  To overcome these restrictions; sometimes partially; there are several programs, standalone as well as plugins.

One of my favorite standalone program is CryptLoad about which I have already HERE. But today I will write about an Add-in for Firefox called SkipScreen. Though out on 2 April 2009, I was able to find it about a week later.

This is what a part of their web page looks like, telling us about its feature.


I, as usual, installed it and started to test it. First I downloaded a file from Rapidshare. I simply clicked on the link and SkipScreen took over. Though it was not able to bypass the mandatory wait time limit, the rest was taken care of.

Next came Megaupload. Megaupload first presented me with a captcha. SkipScreen was not able to fill the captcha. So after manually filling the captcha, SkipScreen almost instantly started downloading the file, bypassing the wait time!!

MediaFire- Just had to click the link and download started instantly.

DepositFile- Just had to click the link and download started instantly.

zShare- Just had to click the link and download started instantly.

Sharebee- This site has links to same file but from multiple file sharing sites. SkipScreen automatically chooses the best compatible site from the list and starts the download almost instantly.

In conclusion a very good Add-on for Firefox to have if you download from multiple file sharing sites. A must have in addition to Cryptload.


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