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First of all I would like to wish my Lil’ sis
“A Happy Birthday”
I joined facebook sometime back and I am so happy that I did. I found a lot of my school friends there and now I am addicted to it.
I am from Delhi, India (as are most of my school friends). I started conversing with them in Hindi (most of the time) as I feel that one can express better in his/her mothertongue. Unlike Orkut, Facebook does not support typing in Hindi, so I am presenting here a way to write comments, posts etc using Google's service.

To be able to type in Hindi, you should have Firefox (The Best Browser).

Same Procedure can be used with Internet Explorer. Read my comment no. 26 for changes required for Internet Explorer.
  1. The procedure for different languages remains the same for all the languages as with Hindi.

    Right-click on the links below for different languages:

    [अ Type in Hindi]

    [অ Type in Bengali]

    [અ Type in Gujarati]

    [ಅ Type in Kannada]

    [അ Type in Malayalam]

    [अ Type in Marathi]

    [ਅ Type in Punjabi]

    [அ Type in Tamil]

    [అ Type in Telugu]

    [آ Type in Urdu]

  2. Click on "Bookmark This Link".
  3. Choose "Bookmarks Toolbar" in the "Folder" option.

Now you will have a bookmark “Type in Hindi” book4
Now go to and then press “Type in Hindi’ bookmark.
Wait for sometime till you see something like this
Wait some more and you will see
Now type anything in English
Press Spacebar. Do not press Enter
This is what you will get
Now you can search things in Hindi.
Click this bookmarklet while in the Facebook and your comment window will become Hindi enabled !!! Now write Hindi comments right in Facebook.

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